Division H40: Buildings - Fire Protection

Section Date Issue Size Title
H40.0101960-05-01388.34 KBApplication and Use - Fire Protection Practices
H40.0401954-06-01373.87 KBFire Protection for Private Branch Exchange, Teletypewriter Switching System, Nonportable Video Equipment, and Large Building Noncentral Office Power Plant Installations
H40.050NW1934-01-01A50.11 KBGarages
H40.0551939-08-01197.95 KBRefinishing Motor Vehicles
H40.070NW1934-01-01A35.98 KBRenting Buildings
H40.101NW1955-10-01D285.79 KBFire Prevention Measures and Fighting Central Office Fires
H41.0401953-07-012258.17 KBFire Protection During Construction
H41.070NW1934-05-01A15.69 KBBuilding Changes
H41.1031953-06-01278.47 KBProtection for Steel Structural Members and Reinforcement
H41.2151960-11-013175.99 KBProtection Against Exposure Fires
H41.2301953-01-011230.69 KBInterior Construction to Restrict Spread of Fire
H41.2601933-10-011280.20 KBChimneys, Smoke-Stacks and Flues
H41.510NW1934-08-01B25.87 KBCable Vaults, Ducts, Slots and Holes
H42.1101954-08-012128.80 KBHeating Equipment - Fire Protection
H42.110NW A1954-05-01A38.85 KBHeating Equipment
H42.1401933-10-01149.28 KBSoldering Equipment and Wax Pots
H42.140NW A1934-05-01A28.71 KBSoldering Equipment and Wax Pots
H42.2101953-09-014409.64 KBInternal Combustion Engines
H42.250NW1953-07-15D99.63 KBStorage and Use of Paints, Paint Removers, Thinners, Oil, Gasoline, Films, Matches and Explosives
H42.410NW1934-01-01A85.93 KBElectric Wiring and Equipment
H42.510NW1934-01-01A72.25 KBGas and Kerosene Lighting Equipment
H43.001NW1952-10-15D160.80 KBFire Protective Apparatus - General
H43.0101960-03-017127.78 KBDistribution of Fire Protective Apparatus
H43.1101959-02-014144.15 KBWater-Type Fire Extinguishers
H43.1201952-01-014133.91 KBSoda-Acid Type Fire Extinguishers
H43.1301946-08-012116.00 KBFoam Type Fire Extinguishers
H43.1401953-05-014234.89 KBCarbon Dioxide Type Fire Extinguishers
H43.1501933-06-01146.61 KBAsbestos Gloves
H43.1601959-09-01651.71 KBTarpaulins
H43.2101959-05-014267.08 KBStandpip and Hose Systems
H44.010NW1956-11-01E198.82 KBInspection of Telephone Company Properties
H44.0151959-11-013206.98 KBFire and Safety Inspection and Advisory Services Rendered by Marsh and McLennan
H44.120NW1939-06-01A69.01 KBInspection of Telephone Buildings for Gas Hazards
H44.1301953-04-01282.38 KBMeans of Egress - Inspection and Testing
H44.2101958-02-012745.94 KBFire Protection Apparatus - Routine Inspection and Maintenance