Telecom Document Repository

This is a repository of mostly old telecom related documents. The vast majority have been scanned by me and made available for the collector and historical communities. To the best of my knowledge all documents are either non-copyrighted or have fallen out of copyright. Please contact Sam Etler (etler __at__ cs (dot) wisc (dot) edu) with any questions.

AT&T Technical References
Miscellaneous AT&T Documents
AT&T Technical Practices
A History of Engineering and Science in the Bell System Books
Bell System Practices (Lots of stuff here!)
Bell Labs historical memos and switching documents
Bell Labs Circuit Descriptions and Schematic Diagrams
Bell System Technical Journal index and Special Issues list
A small selection of CIA documents
Continental Telephone System Practices
Reproduction of a Bell Labs No. 5 Crossbar Book (Really cool!)
Reproduction of a Bell Labs Crossbar Toll Book (Also really cool!)
Dial Facilities Management Practices from AT&T
FCC Outage Reports no longer available via the FCC
FOIA requests I've made
Bell Labs General Letters
GTE Practices
Institute of Defense Analysis documents
Improved Mobile Telephone Service documents from the 1980s
Bell Labs KS-specifications
Nationwide Dialing Coordinating Committee minutes from the 1950s
NSA Documents I've obtained via FOIA requests
Nortel Documents
Old Bell System Notes on the Networks predecessors
Pacific Bell documents
Rural Electrification Administration standards
Bell System Station Specialties Service Manuals (Lots of useful information for the telephone collector!)
Southern New England Telecom documents
Western Electric Co. documents