The Telecom Archive
(Formerly The Bell System Practices (BSP) Archive)

An indexed collection of 37176 telecom and related documents totaling more than 2 million pages.



Many people's immeasurable time and effort have been put into digitizing these files over the last 20+ years.

Special thanks to: Sarah Autumn, Stefan Biesemans, Steve Cichorsky, Doug Duffy, Nick England, Remco Enthoven, Paul Fassbender, Gary Goff, Howard Harte, Dennis Hock, Don House, John Jones, Steph Kerman, Jeff Lamb, Rick Miles, John Novack, Herbert Schwarz, Æstrid Smith, Joe Suhadolnik, Paul Wills, and Joe Zatarski.

Additional thanks to the Connections Museum of Seattle and the JKL Museum of Telephony in California!

Thanks also to the TCI Library which has an incredible selection of material.

If your name has inadvertently been left off of this list, please contact me!