People often ask me about what books I really like. Turns out I like a lot. So I made these lists. They're in no particular order and I'm sure I've left some stuff out so I'll update when I think of it. The first link is just the authors and book titles. The second link has short descriptions of the various books and why I like them. I don't care what you think of them. All that I care about is that I really liked reading them.

Oh also, there's a ton of history, law, telephony, and computer related books I've read and loved. In the case of the history books, it's often not the entire book. It would be really hard to list all of these and they're not what I would consider must read or great reads. I can always make recommendations for specific topics. This list also doesn't take into account my list of books that I know are good that I haven't read yet. Except for a couple notable exceptions, I've read all the books listed here.

List of authors and books
Descriptions and why I like them